Assign label

How to assign a label to a WhatsApp chat.

How to create a new label

In your Mercury client you can decide to assign labels to your chats. This action could be very useful when you need to categorize some conversations, for example you can assign a label to a particular client or report that a chat contains a pending request.

To assign a new label, click to the left of the contact to which you want to apply the label. A drop-down menu will open, as shown in the figure. Then click on Assign label.

After that, insert label's name and choose the color to assign. Then click on the button CREATE to create the label.

Once creation is complete, click on the SAVE button to complete the operation and to assign the label to the chat.

You will see the label appear in the chat to which you assigned it.

How to change or remove a label

Please note that you can change or remove labels at any time. Just click on the drop-down menu and click Change label.