Phone and Internet connection

What it takes to correctly use Mercury.

Best practices to properly use Mercury

The operation of Mercury depends on the correct association between the phone with the WhatsApp account and the Mercury client.

To send and receive messages through our platform, you should always make sure you have your phone turned on and have a good Internet connection.

1. Keep your phone always on 📲

The phone with the WhatsApp number you have associated with Mercury must always be turned on to send and receive messages on the Mercury client.

2. Make sure the phone is always connected to Internet 💪

The phone must always be connected.

The connection must be active for the whole sending time, otherwise there may be delays in sending messages.

These conditions must be respected for any activity you do with Mercury, whether you are chatting or sending WhatsApp bulk messages. You need to have your phone switched on and connected even when using Mercury's APIs.

If you don't have the phone always turned on and connected, or if the connection has problems, you may notice delays in sending and receiving messages.