How to avoid the account block

How to avoid ending up in spam.

The importance of respecting the rules

The marketing activity on WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most effective and profitable. However, it is very important to respect some good practices to avoid being banned by WhatsApp.

First you need to remember that WhatsApp only bans spammers accounts if there have been reports from users. So the most important thing is to have the right behavior towards the customers who receive our messages.

How to do with bulk WhatsApp messages

We encourage our customers to use the bulk messages sender to communicate with their customers. But we also recommend to not send unsolicited (spam) messages.

We aren't responsible of the abusive usage that violates WhatsApp terms that might eventually ban your WhatsApp account(s). Our system is designed to minimize risk from getting banned by WhatsApp when sending bulk messages, but there is a risk that we cannot control when users report you as an spammer. If you send too many unsolicited messages to random users, your account might be banned after a while, since users can manually report your account to WhatsApp as spammer. This may cause your account getting banned. We strongly encourage our customers to send legit messages that users are reasonably expecting to receive.

The important thing to understand is that the account removal doesn't depend on the use of Mercury or other systems, but depends on the use you make of this tool.

So how to do it the best way?

Basically, it would be better not to send messages to those who don't know us and don't know our brand or our company.

However, it is obvious that in order to expand our audience and increase the number of customers we must also send messages to those who aren't yet our customers.

It is important to find ways to send messages to those who don't know us and at the same time reduce the risk of being reported as a spammer.

Best advice 😉

The best way to do this is to include in your message the possibility for the customer to tell you that he no longer wants to receive your messages. In this way the customer is not encouraged to report your number as spam, on the contrary, he is given the opportunity to give his opinion and to express his desire to stop communications.

For example, you can do this by inserting a sentence at the end of the message such as: "If you no longer wish to receive our messages, answer STOP". So you know that you won't have to send messages to that phone number anymore.

Let's see an example.

4 important rules to keep in mind

Let's sum up what is the right behavior to have to avoid being reported and banned on WhatsApp.

  • avoid aggressive communication policies for not being listed as a spammer

  • avoid bulk messages to a disoriented crowd and segment the communications according to features and needs of the users

  • establish trusting relationships with a follow-up of interesting and useful content for customers

  • made easy to recognize and give the chance to reject your messages