How to create and send bulk messages

How to send messages to multiple phone numbers.

How to send bulk WhatsApp messages

The first thing to do to send multiple messages is to go to the Client from which you want to send the message and click on the button, as shown in the figure.

After that, you will see the list of multiple messages that exist at that time. You can use the search bar to move quickly between your WhatsApp messages.

Let's focus on the properties of each sending section, going from left to right.

  • The symbol indicates that the sending is in progress. To stop it, click on the button. The symbol indicates that the campaign is paused, and if you click on it you can start sending messages.

  • Image preview.

  • Name and date of the multi-message.

  • Sending status: here you can see how many messages have been sent, how many have failed and how many are in pending. The percent bar sum up the performance.

  • Resend: by clicking on this button it is possible to forward the previously sent multiple message again.

  • Click on the square-arrow icon to open the send details.

  • At the end you find the button to cancel the sending.

To create a new bulk message click ok the button CREATE NEW MESSAGE.

If you open the detail you will see other information such as the phone numbers to which you sent the message and the preview of the texts.

How to create a new bulk WhatsApp message

First you need to create the list of phone numbers to send the message to. If you enter the numbers manually, type the number in the field indicated and click on the button to add it to the list.

You can also enter numbers from your WhatsApp contacts or import a list of phone numbers. (we'll see these options later)

After entering some numbers you will see them on the left side.

If you click on the button Add from contacts you can enter your contacts saved in the WhatsApp phonebook in the sending list.

You can also import phone numbers from a list, or copy and paste numbers into the text area. To do so click on the button Add from list.

Be sure to follow the instructions on how to enter telephone numbers. Input errors could hinder the correct sending of messages.

Once you have entered your list of numbers, you can move on to creating the message. Type the text of the message and add emojis and if you want you can also insert an image to make your message more engaging.

The tool to send images on bulk WhatsApp messages is currently unavailable. We are working to develop a system that can support sending images without losing the sending speed.

When your message is ready click on the button SEND MESSAGE to start the multiple sending.

After clicking on SEND MESSAGE, the newly created message will appear in the sending list.