Best practices for sending

The rules to follow for the correct functioning of the bulk WhatsApp sender.

Once we have seen how to create a bulk message, it is important to understand what are the optimal conditions for sending.

We'll see mainly three points:

  • Good internet connection

  • Valid phone numbers

  • Average sending speed per day

Internet connection conditions

For the bulk sending to be successful, it is necessary to make sure that the phone with the number to which Mercury is associated is always turn on and with a good Internet connection.

The connection must be active for the whole sending time, otherwise there may be delays in sending messages.

If you don't always keep your phone connected or if your connection has flaws you may notice that sending the message takes longer than normal.

Send messages to valid phone numbers

You must always make sure that the telephone numbers to which you send your messages are valid. Otherwise, if you try to send messages to invalid numbers, you can slow down the sending process.

A phone number that exists and is active on WhatsApp is valid. If a number exists, but it is not on WhatsApp, it will be considered invalid because it is impossible to send the message on WhatsApp.

Consider the average sending speed per hour